Genna Merrin


Genna Merrin

I have a love and passion for Italian sports cars but can't explain why I own and drive a German car...

To spice things up I enjoy working as an actress/extra in major films, it's always been an interest of mine since I was young and to see your name up on the big screen in the credits is a 'high' than can never be equalled.
Always expect the unexpected when on a film set, and go with the flow... I have met many famous well-known actors over time, and have come to realise they are just like one of us only with a lot more money.

I have learnt that life begins the day you grow a garden...and having always been an animal lover,  I find, a house is not a home without the pitter patter of 4 paws following you around the home as you go about your daily life.

I'm an avid fan of skiing, and I look forward to my next adventure in the snow each and every year, and whilst I'm not likely to be invited to compete in the Olympic skiing team, anytime soon...sitting by an open log fire drinking hot chocolate watching others enjoying themselves on the slopes is always a moment to cherish.