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It’s a tough rental market out there right now. Ask any agent and they will tell you the stock is few and the applicants are many. So how can you be a shining light and stand out from the crowd when it comes to applying for a rental property in a high-demand market?

What is a high-demand market? Very simply it’s the old rule of supply and demand in action. More applicants and less properties available. ‘Family’ homes and pet-friendly accommodations are particularly hard to snag. In many instances there are in excess of 20 groups vying for the lease, and in many more cases properties are leased even before they come to market or are advertised.

In Sydney current high-demand suburbs include, inner-city, Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches. Locations near amenities, schools, transport, recreation facilities and beaches are ALWAYS highly regarded and even more so now.

Amid stiff competition, tenants and prospective tenants need to put in extra effort to avoid disappointing knock-backs. Endless queues at open-for-inspection properties and hour-upon-hour of navigating suburbs to attend opens makes for a very long Saturday and wasted time if you are not prepared.

Here are some simple tips and suggestions which may help you get over the line….

1.    Be like a Scout and BE PREPARED. Have your references ready to go, have your funds ready to go and have your applications ready to go. Some agents prefer to use 1From others have their own online bespoke systems. Take a moment to find out how you should apply and get be ready to hit the keyboard and make it so.

Apply for multiple rental properties with one application form using 1Form

2.    BE CONNECTED. Know your local agents and keep in contact. Being friendly helps at open homes, take a moment to introduce yourself and strike up a chat. Be mindful open homes are generally only 15-mins so make it snappy and don’t be a serial pest. Take the agents name and follow up with them. You may miss this one but make a great impression and be ‘top of mind’ for the next.

3.    BE INFORMED. Know the market, know the suburb, and know the property. Spend a moment to look at the listing and note other properties in the area for comparison. Remember knowledge is power – but everything in moderation, nobody likes a know-it-all.

4.    FILL THE CUP. Information is to agents to help them assess your application. Provide plenty of detail in your application and do the leg work. The more information you can provide to the agent and therefore the landlord (owner) the easier it is for them to evaluate. If appropriate add in a photo of you, the applications, your family, your pet – but please make sure they are appropriate. Pics of you at a frat party or your dog covered in mud will not likely help.

5.    FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT. When attending opens remember its not only the property being inspected. Agents pay close attention to potential tenants too. Make sure you are well presented, clean and tidy. Don’t Park in or block the driveway or access, don’t be overbearing and loud, don’t dis any other applicants, don’t speak poorly of the property (that’s just rude) and don’t trample over the garden to get to the doorway. Be respectful and demonstrate how you will treat the property by the way you act at the inspection.

We hope that helps you just a little and remember you can speak to our experienced team of Property Consultants for advise and to discuss our ever changing range of rental properties on and coming-to the market. 

Phone : 02.9908.7777, email reception@croll.com.au or visit our website https://www.croll.com.au/

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