End the year with a bang with our home organising tips

Thu, 4 Nov 2021

End the year with a bang with our home organising tips  With just under two months left in the year it is important to get your home in order for the upcoming festive season. You may be thinking, how do I embrace organising during the busiest time of the year? Take it one step at a time! You may find focusing on one room during this period more beneficial than tackling the whole house. Whether it be the wardrobe you can’t stand the thought of opening, or the pantry you haven’t quite gotten under control. 

We have listed our key organisation tips for each room to help kick start the decluttering process in the simplest way possible:

The Hallway 
The hallway can often turn into a dumping ground for shoes, jackets, and paper mail. This is why it is important to separate this section from the rest of the home with a stylish bench or a convenient coat rack to allow for ample storage space. Hooks and small containers or jars are always an effortless storage solution, perfect for small items.

The Living Room 
The living room is the main social hub, so it is important that it is accommodating your needs in the cleanest most convenient way possible. Creating different zones for storage is a great place to start and will make things much easier to find. Perhaps you have noticed the blankets need a basket in their own zone, or the earphones you use for your iPad do not have an easy to reach storage space. Once you have established zones for the kids toys or your own entertainment items, the living room will function with much greater ease.

The Kitchen 
The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the heartbeat that makes this room function is the pantry. Regardless of if you have your food shelved, in a butler’s pantry or in a cupboard, purchasing some high-quality containers that seal and stack well will make cooking and the grocery shop more seamless since you can identify food items easier and avoid any unnecessary purchases. 

The Bathroom 
The bathroom can often be neglected since we don’t spend too much time in it, but it is quite simple to get in order! Begin by removing anything that is past its use by date and the shampoo bottle you are convinced has two more drops left in it. Adding some new bathroom shelving next to your shower or mirror is a popular storage hack that is great for creating more space. Purchasing containers for behind the mirror can also help optimise existing storage for your razors, creams and daily toiletry items.

The Bedroom 
Bedrooms reflect the state of your wardrobe. If your wardrobe is bursting with clothes or poor organisation techniques, then best believe the room will take on the same energy. The best method for wardrobe organisation is the coat hanger method.  Turn your coat hangers the opposite way with your in-season clothing, then once you wear the clothes place the hanger back the right way. After 3 months you can observe how many hangers you turned over and then rationalise what clothing you can donate to help declutter and free up some space. 

You will find over time that the more often you engage in decluttering and expanding your storage solutions to complement your home, that the process will become much less intimidating and more therapeutic as every item will have its very own place. 

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