What is House Orientation and Why is it Relevant?

Mon, 26 Jul 2021

What is House Orientation and Why is it Relevant? Are you currently on the hunt for the perfect house? Perhaps when browsing through potential housing options you’ve noticed terms like ‘north-facing’ or ‘south-facing’ and wondered what it has to do with the property value.
We’re here to explain!

What is Orientation?
Orientation is essentially the positioning of a building in relation to the seasonal variations in the sun’s path, as well as prevailing wind patterns. Having a good house orientation can increase energy efficiency in your home, which makes it more comfortable and lowers potential electricity bills. This is because the sun’s natural positioning can help heat your home in the cooler months and enable natural cooling during summer.

There are a few factors which determine good house orientation.

Natural Light
I’m sure we all know how important natural light is to our health. It boosts our immune system and contributes to healthy sleep-wake cycles. Most home buyers are attracted to a house with plenty of natural light. That’s why typically northern facing houses are favoured in the Australian market. This is because the house windows will naturally receive the greatest amount of sun. However, it’s also important to note that east facing houses will receive the most amount of light in the morning when the sun rises.

Here are three quick questions to consider when looking at the positioning of your property and how it might benefit you:
-    What’s the climate like?
-    What is the level of insulation in the home?
-    Is the thermal performance of the current windows and window frames up to standard?

We can all assume that the best orientation for your home will depend on its location. It’s simple: if you’re looking in a southerly market like Melbourne, then finding a house which maximises northern sunlight should be high on your list. However, if you are in the north of the country, reducing radiant heat is your goal. For the Sydney market, it’s important to find that perfect middle ground.
Don’t Get Caught Up in One Direction!

A helpful tip to keep in mind when purchasing a property, is to not get caught up in all the ‘north-facing’ hype. Whilst a north-facing property is beneficial, it’s also important to look at your property from all angles. The best houses are able to capture all-natural benefits from all directions.

We hope you now have a better understanding on the importance of house orientation and why is it relevant when looking for the perfect home!