How to Keep Your Garden Looking Great During Winter

Fri, 2 Jul 2021

How to Keep Your Garden Looking Great During WinterWith the cold and rainy weather, it might seem impossible to keep your garden looking vibrant and healthy. However, not all hope is lost! We’ve compiled some helpful tips and tricks to keep your garden looking luscious in the cooler months.

Plant Some Vegetables
Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t get creative in the veggie patch. There’s a heap of vegetables that thrive in the cooler weather. Vegetables like kale, brussel sprouts and cabbage are great choices this winter. Plus, owning your own vegetable patch is a great hobby for the whole family and you get to reap the rewards of eating what you grow!

Prune Back Your Plants
Any avid gardener understands that it’s not just what you see in a garden that makes it rewarding, it’s all the work that goes into it. Whilst the list of things to do in your garden might become smaller during winter, it is still vitally important to continue garden maintenance. This includes pruning trees, vines and shrubs.

Maintain Garden Pathways
If you find yourself stuck for things to do in the garden, looking at your current pathways is a great start. Refreshing your current pathways or creating new ones, is an easy way to provide a facelift to your backyard space.

Add a Firepit
Nothing beats sitting outside on a starry winter night enjoying some toasted marshmallows. Winter is a great time to revamp your current garden firepit, or perhaps purchase one! When using your firepit, be sure to clear plenty of surrounding space for your safety.

Get Mulching
An easy way to prevent dreaded garden weeds, is to use plenty of mulch during winter. This action will not only help the health of your soil, but it will stop weeds from growing. Try using organic mulch to help feed your garden beds when it breaks down over time.

Get Stuck Into Weed Control
With cold and rain comes garden weeds. Stay vigilant this winter and make sure you remove weeds before they mature and set seed. Weeding by hand can give an effective result. Be sure to remove roots and all to prevent them from respawning.

Overall, winter is a great time to focus on maintenance and upkeep for your garden space. We hope these tips and tricks have been useful in helping you keep your garden fresh this winter!

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