4 Tips to Find the Best Real Estate Agent for You

Fri, 2 Jul 2021

4 Tips to Find the Best Real Estate Agent for YouWhether you are selling your lifetime home or an investment property, finding and choosing a real estate agent is a big decision. It involves knowledge, understanding and a foundation of trust. We’ve accumulated a list of ‘4 Tips to Find the Best Real Estate Agent for You.’

Tip #1 Research:
This step is the most important for discovering an agent best suited to you. Research potential agents just like you would similar properties and your potential buyers. There are so many real estate agencies to choose from. We recommend researching into each agencies core values and how they work to get a better understanding on whether they suit your requirements.

Tip #2 Get Out and About:
Once you have shortlisted some agents through your research, the next step is getting out and viewing them in action. A great way to assess a potential agent is at open house inspections, where you can see how they interact with potential buyers and the general public. Plus, you can put their knowledge to the test.

Tip #3 Set Benchmarks Early:
Any efficient real estate agent should come armed with a strategy to effectively sell your home. One way to separate the good from the bad is to set clearly defined objectives with your potential agent and see how they would meet them. Setting standards beforehand is also a great mechanism for check ins to see how the agent is tracking.

Tip #4 Look for Great Agent Reviews and Recommendations

A great real estate agent will often come with glowing recommendations. Ask around your local community to uncover the great sales in your area. Be sure to find out who individuals enjoyed working with and who they believe are the best local agents. Family and friends are a fantastic resource in these fields, but don’t shy away from honest Google reviews. It’s also a great idea to look at their marketing material and how they present their properties.

Overall, choosing a Real Estate agent is a big decision but we hope this list of tips has made your decision a little bit easier. Don’t forget, the team at Croll Real Estate is always ready and eager to answer any of your questions regarding the selling process. Reach out to us today 02 9908 7777 or reception@croll.com.au