6 Moving Tips to Help Your Child Adjust

Fri, 28 May 2021

6 Moving Tips to Help Your Child Adjust Moving to a new state, city or suburb can be stressful for any child. Whilst as parents, moving house is a logical decision, for children sometimes it can be hard to process and understand why change is important. Even if you’re just moving to the next suburb over, it can still be a big process.  

Below we’ve curated a list of tips to help make your moving process with kids less stressful and help them adjust to this new life change.  

Prepare them in advance 

When moving with children, honesty is always the best policy. Moving helps teach children change is inevitable and it doesn’t always have to be scary. We recommend being open and honest with children about the moving process, no matter how young!  

Pack their bedroom last and unpack it first 
Sometimes for children it can be very overwhelming to watch everything in their loved house be packed away. For kids, their bedroom is their own safe haven. Keeping your child’s bedroom untouched for as long as possible is the best way to help them feel calm during the packing process. It’s also a fantastic idea to prioritise unpacking your child’s room once you arrive in the new house. This way they can establish a new safe space and become familiar right away.  

Collaborate with The New School 
If you are moving out of area and your child has to change schools, we recommend taking a tour of the school before moving. This will give your child an opportunity to meet the teachers and possibly some of the students before officially leaving their current school.   

Take Them to the New Area Before the Move 

Wherever possible we recommend taking your child to the new suburb and show them around. If you’re moving long distance and it’s not practical to take your child in advance, we recommend showing them pictures or videos of the new area.  

Have a Plan for Moving Day  

If your children are younger and you’re concerned that attention may be worn thin on moving day, we always recommend hiring a babysitter or having the kids to go a family/friends house whilst the bulk of the move is undertaken.  

If having the children babysat is not an option, take the time to explain what is happening step-by-step. Be sure to explain all the packed boxes will be transported to your new home, they’re not going to disappear.  

Be Patient 

For all your upbeat conversations your child might still be anxious about the move. It’s perfectly normal, so allow them to express their anxiety. Here are a few things you can to do help with patience:  

Pick your battles: not every day will be perfect 

Give yourself relaxation time 

Ask for help when you need it 


Overall, moving with kids can be a big task, but we hope these tips and tricks help make the transition a little easier.