The Perfect Grazing Platter for Holidays & Entertaining

Mon, 14 Dec 2020

The Perfect Grazing Platter for Holidays & EntertainingWhether you’re hosting a party at home or looking to take along a treat to an event with a little more ‘pizzazz’ than a store-bought cake, a grazing platter is the ultimate party pleaser.

Tackle the subtle art of creating the perfect platter with these 4 useful tips! 

1.    A little prep goes a long way! 
Hitting the shops without a game plan can leave you feeling overwhelmed and can lead to under or even overbuying items. So, the best way to combat this is to make a shopping list with these considerations in mind:
•    How many guests are you catering for?
•    What else is being provided – you don’t want to double up
•    What size is the board/tray you’re planning to use?
•    Are there any food intolerances to be considered?

It’s also important to note that the freshness of the ingredients can make or break a great grazing platter, so aim to shop on the day of, or just before you plan to create your masterpiece.

2.    Variety is the key
No matter how many people you’ll be serving, include at least three different types of cheese. Opt for a variety of different flavours and textures of cheese for example a soft cheese like Camembert and a harder cheese like mature cheddar.

Once you have your cheeses selected its time for the fun ........choosing all the fillers! 
Great fillers include: dips, condiments, crackers, bread, veggies, fresh fruit, nuts, dried fruit, cured meats, olives, and pretzels.

3.    Make it colourful
People tend to eat with their eyes so the more colourful, the more likely your platter will be a hit! Playing with different coloured fruits is a great way to achieve this for example blueberries and strawberries can really pop on a platter. 

4.    Don’t forget the utensils
It’s the little touches that make things less awkward when your guests are grazing on your platter. There’s the obvious cheese knives you’ll need, and don’t forget toothpicks or disposable cocktail forks are also great for picking up foods marinated in oil or crumbly. And don’t forget the napkins there are super cute designs available and small cocktail sizes are great for party platter perfection.

Happy Grazing!