How To Get a Clutter-Free Home

Wed, 18 Nov 2020

How To Get a Clutter-Free Home Cluttered homes can often make us overwhelmed and stressed, especially as we enter the busiest time of the year - Christmas and New Year’s! So, we’ve gone around the office and rounded up our top five useful tips for getting your home in tip-top shape and clutter-free!

1 Create a De-clutter Checklist  
Decluttering can be a big job and can leave you feeling overwhelmed easily. We recommend starting a checklist for what rooms need decluttering, and what you need to achieve in each room. This will also leave that rewarding feeling, as you can visually see the progress you have made and track what’s been done and what hasn’t.

2. Go Room by Room 
To avoid that overwhelming feeling, or being confused about where you should start clearing, tackle each room at a time. Start at the smaller, easier rooms and work your way up to the bigger rooms such as the kitchen. 

3. Organise trash and donation piles 
Physically getting rid of clutter is an important part of organising your home. Begin by creating separate piles, one for trash and one for donations. If you are tempted to keep something, ask yourself (a) is it useful? and (b) do I love it? Utilising this method will allow you to organise as you go. 

4.Find your clutter hot spots  
Every family has that one spot in their home that essentially becomes the dumping ground. To help avoid this find storage solutions that can help tidy away the clutter such as a basket to tuck away the shoes piled at the front door or a tray to keep all your bills, receipts and other documents filed neatly.  

We hope these 4 tips provide a good starting point for a clutter-free home. Happy decluttering!