How to know you found the right property

Wed, 16 Sep 2020

How to know you found the right propertyHouse hunting can become quite daunting as you’re making a long-term commitment and it is a big decision to make. But how do you know when you’ve found a place that’s commitment-worthy? Here are 4 signs to look out for that can help you confirm that you found the right property! 

1.    You see yourself and/or family living in this potential home
A great sign to look out for is whether or not you can almost immediately envision the home as your own. Basically, you’ve already imagined the wall colours, furniture arrangement and holiday celebrations taking place in this potential home. 

2.    It ticks all the boxes 
Remember that list you jotted down before house hunting? The perfect home will be the one that checks off all the deal-breakers on your list whilst covering a few of your must-have options too. 

3.    You can’t stop thinking about it 
Once you’ve found the one, undoubtably all the excitement of house hunting goes through the window, and all you can think about is that dream home you don’t want to lose. Another clear indicator is that you can’t stop bragging about it to your friends and family and can’t hide your level of excitement. Additionally, if you find yourself driving by unnecessarily, showing up at every open house or lingering after viewings then this is often a sign that you’re ready to seal the deal.

4.    Your intuition gives you the final push
You’re at the final stage where you’ve crunched all the numbers, done all the necessary inspections and double checked your checklists but now its all down to your intuition or that gut feeling. What’s your gut really telling you?