Go to guide for a seamless moving process

Tue, 2 Jun 2020

Go to guide for a seamless moving processMoving into a new place is very exciting, but anyone will tell you that it also can be super stressful. We’ve put together our go to guide to make your move as seamless as possible! 

Break it down
Give yourself the time to plan your move. This will make all the difference when moving day comes. If you create a to-do list and map out tasks in your calendar, you can set yourself achievable goals. This will prevent last minute scrambling and stress. 
Example - 
Task 1: Research moving companies by Tuesday
Task 2: Call and book moving company by next Friday
Task 3: Start categorising pants and shirts this weekend

By sorting items into categories, you will be able to see exactly what you have. This usually will reveal any hording that you have been doing over the years. Do you really need those chipped mugs you’ve had hiding in the back of the cupboard? Probably not. By eliminating the old, you will make way for the new when entering your new place. This will also mean less items to take when making your move!

Once you have categorised everything you will come to find that you have a lot of unwanted items. This is the perfect time to donate. Again, by decluttering you are setting yourself up for a more seamless move. 

Pack smart  
Create a list of the items you are packing in each box and try to keep the necessary items together. For example, keep your cutlery together, bowls and plates together etc. You can then tape a summary list on the box to save unnecessary time opening boxes searching for items once you arrive. Also, labelling boxes in the order you think you will be opening them will give you guidance when entering your new place. If time allows, you could even unload boxes into the designated rooms because of your efficient labelling! 

Move in day schedule 
Scheduling out a plan for moving day will help you break down the tasks and give you a time frame of when they need to be completed. Things to consider for your schedule include – 

  • What time will your day start?
  • When will the movers arrive?
  • Are there any last-minute items to pack on the morning of your move?
Be sure to allocate break times throughout your day. It is an exhausting day no matter how much help you have. Keep hydrated and bring snacks! 

Don’t be too hard on yourself 
Once you have moved in, don’t force yourself to unpack everything straight away. Take your time and enjoy the process of decorating your new place. Begin with the essentials such as preparing your bed, setting up your appliances and toiletries and the rest can be done gradually. 

We hope that you find these tips beneficial, and we look forward to helping you find a new place to call home.