How to create the perfect work from home environment

Mon, 6 Apr 2020

How to create the perfect work from home environment In light of these current circumstances, working from home has become the new norm so we’ve put together a list of how to create the perfect work from home environment that will ensure you stay productive and feel as stress-free as possible!

1. Find a bright area to work in 
A little daylight can significantly boost your mood and in turn your motivation to be productive. Set up your desk in a light-filled room, if possible, try facing a window as staring at a wall can start to feel like you’re closed in and have a negative impact on your mood. 

2. Remove any distractions 
 A tidy space always equals a tidy productive mind. Whilst a dedicated home office is ideal that’s not often possible. If you have to work in a common area, find a comfortable place that will allow you to spend a full day of productive work with minimum distractions. Try and stay away from your TV, clutter, any background noise and try to have periods with no phone.

3. Set the aroma
Simply add a scented candle or a diffuser to your workspace to set the mood, calming scents such as Lavender and Jasmine are a great option as they help to increase focus by soothing away stresses. 

4.  Bring in some greenery
Add a breath of fresh air to your workspace! Make the space feel like it’s your own and add a real plant on the desk as it is a great way to bring in some visual variety when your eyes need a break from the screen.   

Your mental health should be a priority in these trying times, so we hope these tips provide you with some type of help with the sudden change in environment.