Kate Mackenzie Art exhibition

Thu, 5 Dec 2019

Kate Mackenzie Art exhibition Here at Croll Real Estate we’ve always been huge supporters of up and coming artists and love to offer our office up as a place for artists to exhibit. This year we were thrilled to exhibit Kate Mackenzie, a New Zealand born surrealist artist’s incredible paintings. Her predominantly 1m diameter, circular oil on boards, are portraits of a changing world where the questions of land ownership and gender politics rage over a ravaged earth.

Artist statement: This is an exhibition about shifting paradigms:  woman, nature, identity. There is a new dominating force over the land and she wears the humble family home like a crown. The landscape is implacable, rewritten; the pressures of climate change conflate with the assimilation into nature of symbols of technology and we are left to question our priorities in the face of a new world order.

If you missed the initial opening, the exhibition is up until mid-December so feel free to stop by and maybe purchase a painting just in time for Christmas!