Tips on moving to a new house with a dog!

Tue, 16 Jul 2019

Tips on moving to a new house with a dog!When it comes to moving house with a dog, it’s definitely no walk in the park. For your dog, the move can be hard to understand, with such a big change to their regular environment.

To help out we’ve complied a list of tips, to make the move as easy and pain-free as possible for yourself and your furry friend.

1.    Try and keep your dog’s routine as normal as possible e.g. feeding and walking.
2.    During the move make sure your dog is kept in a secure space to ensure they can’t escape or injure themselves whilst people are in and out of the house.
3.    Let your dog visit the new place a few times, before the big move to get them more comfortable with the change in environment.
4.    Check to see if there are any possible dangers such as ticks, other animals or busy roads around you new house.
5.    Keep your dog’s bed/sleeping area as is, until the last minute to help prevent anxiety.
6.    Update your address and details in your dog’s microchip.

And lastly the most important tip is to give your dog some extra love and affection as this change can be quite daunting!