How to care for your indoor plants during Winter

Tue, 2 Jul 2019

How to care for your indoor plants during Winter

Over winter the way you care for your indoor plant's changes - although you may be warm and cosy within the walls of your home - the change in temperature, humidity and general conditions can have a large impact on your indoor plants. 

Knowing how to care for indoor plants during the winter gives you the best chance of keeping them alive and thriving until spring. Each plant variety has different needs, so be sure to research the care instructions for your specific plants. We’ve put together some general tips and tricks to ensure your indoor plants are well kept over winter!

Move your plants
Start moving your plants around to places they have the best chance to thrive. As soon as we turn the heating on in our homes, the humidity drops drastically. The warm and dry air in winter causes your plant's soil to dry out faster than it would in the summertime. To prevent this, make sure your indoor plants are kept away from heaters, fireplaces or cold draughts.

Know when to water
Changes in temperature can affect the frequency at which the plants need watering. When it comes to plant care, the most common way people damage plants is by over or underwatering. A good tip to help you figure out when it’s time to water is to stick an inch (2-3cm) of your finger into the dirt. If it feels dry, you might want to water it, if it feels wet or moist then watering is not required. 

Monitor closely
Get into a habit of checking your plants every 3-4 days to see where they’re at. Many indoor plants are low maintenance however, as winter results in a drop in humidity, you may need to give your plants a light mist to revitalise them. Be careful of an accumulation of dust on their foliage – keep leaves clean by wiping occasionally with a soft damp cloth with no detergent.

Let there be light! 
Unfortunately, winter days are shorter and not as sunny as summer days, so it’s important your plants get sufficient sunlight. If your indoor plant has started to develop weak and leggy growth it may not be getting enough light. Move it closer to a sunny window, or add a grow light for plants if you want to get really serious!. 

Taking care of indoor plants in winter can take some effort, but now that you’re armed with these tips you will be able to enjoy foliage in your home all year round!