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1 Frenchs Road, Willoughby

All set private inspection times are currently booked for today. Please contact the listing consultant, Rebecca (Yi-Fang) Chang on 0412 948 733 or to make an appointment to view the property at a convenient time.


You will NOT be eligible to view this property without a confirmed booking.

Bookings can be made via the property listing found on our website:
If there are no booking times available, you will be advised by email when additional bookings are added.
Booking times are limited and ALL COVID guidelines will apply.
You must check in with our QR code; wear a mask; observe social distancing in common areas; sanitise hands before entry and comply with the strict entry of only ONE person into the property at a time.
On arrival, please assemble in an open area and wait for a CROLL representative to escort you into the property.
Please be mindful that for the safety of everyone, our staff will report any uncooperative behaviour to the relevant authorities.